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Year Round

Year Round Program Information

  • The 22-23 season will run November 28, 2022 - May 7, 2023
  • Cost per player: $2,000.00
  • This program is ideal for experienced players who want to commit to beach volleyball year round and compete in tournaments. It is also designed to accommodate multi-sport athletes and busy families.
  • There are 1-3 practices per week (2 on average) with strength & conditioning included. We have a make-up practice protocol in place for bad weather and low temperatures.
  • We provide a Master List of recommended tournaments in Georgia and surrounding states. Players have the flexibility to create their own competition schedule in addition to 3 tournaments that we will attend as a team.
  • Players select their own partners with the exception of 3 tournaments in which the coaches will make all partnering decisions.
  • After the season, players have the option to continue playing in our Spring & Summer programs. They can continue to compete in tournaments and coaching can be requested through July.

" Being part of a club that is family-run translates to a club that feels like an extended family. The coaching has been excellent and the rigor of two players per side in the sand has improved our daughter’s conditioning. She is a better indoor player since she started playing sand! We can't say enough good things about Blue Sky. "

- Julie Silber, year round parent


Blue Sky has a fun, competitive, and friendly environment for beach volleyball right in Atlanta. I learned so much and met a bunch of new people "

- Savannah Markham, year round player


" My daughter has shown huge progress in her skills, confidence and passion for the sport of volleyball since joining Blue Sky. Sand volleyball has enabled her to learn and practice skills in every position on the court, not just one. She loves it. "

- year round parent